Best Crypto Faucets

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Join FaucetPay first if you haven't already. You need it to receive micropayemts from faucets.


1. Vie Faucet

$0.0005+ every 3 mins. Easy captcha. Daily bonus that gives rewards as well as increases the faucet value. Achievements for completing PTC ads, shortlinks, faucet claims. Daily happy hour where you earn 10% more rewards. High paying shortlinks.

2. Coinpayz

$0.0005+ every 5 min. Easy captcha. PTC, Shortlinks, Offerwalls. $0.01 payment to FaucetPay. Daily login gives increased faucet upto 100%. More reward as you level up. Easy achievements to reach.

3. Earnbitmoon

$0.0005+ every 5 min. Solvemedia. PTC, Shortlinks, Offerwalls. $0.2 withdrawal to FaucetPay. They pay the most on offerwalls compared to other sites. Daily bonus upto $0.01 a day.


High reward bitcoin PTC. 3000 sats withdrawal to FaucetPay. One of the longest paying bitcon site. 50+ satoshi daily.

5. CoinpayU

High paying bitcoin PTC. 2000 satoshi withdrawal to Faucetpay. 50+ satoshi daily.

6. Crypto-farms

$0.0006 every 5 mins. Random happy hours with $0.00065. More rewards as you level up. Instant payment to Faucetpay starting $0.001.

7. Claimbits

2+ btc satoshi every 5 mins. 1000 sats to FaucetPay. Higher reward when you level up. PTCs, shortlinks and offerwalls.

8. Banfaucet

$0.007+ every 10 mins. Doge, Banano, Matic, Tron, Solana, Hedera, etc. $0.01 to wallet. Daily bonus that gives coins+increased rewards. More rewards as you level up.

9. Xtrabits

$0.0005+ every 5 min. Daily bonus. $0.001 mad faucet every 60 mins. $0.001 withdrawal to FaucetPay and Coinbase. Higher reward as you level up.

10. ClaimerCorner

$0.0005+ every 5 min. Daily bonus. $0.001 withdrawal to FaucetPay and Coinbase. Higher reward as you level up.


$0.006+ every 10 mins. D. $0.01 to FaucetPay. Shortlinks, ptc, achievements, offerwalls.


$0.00055+ every 15 mins. PTC, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, Daily bonus. More reward as you level up. $0.01 to FaucetPay


$0.002+ worth of bitcoin every hour. Get 50% refback for life on joining through this link. Oldest operating faucet. No ads.



2 satoshis every 5 minutes. PTC, Offerwalls, Shortlinks. Minimum withdrawal $0.001 to Faucetpay.

15. Coinadster

2+ satoshi every 10 mins. Shortlinks, PTC, Offerwalls. Higher rewards as you level up. $0.1 to FaucetPay.

16. Final Dutchy

60+ coins. Two 30 min faucets. PTC, Shortlinks, Offerwalls. 50% Weekend bonus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

DutchyCorp : Highest Paying AutoFaucet

17. FaucetCrypto

30 min faucet. Daily bonus. PTC, Shortlinks, Offerwalls, multiple currencies, low minimum direct to wallet.

18. Btc Adspace

15 min faucet. Paid to click site. Investment option. 100 satoshis minimum cashout to Faucetpay.

19. Autofaucet

Highest paying shortlins. Withdraw to Faucetpay.

20. Rollercoin

Play games, earn coins passively. Virtual mining game.

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No shortlink faucets that pays direct to FaucetPay for solving captcha.

High paying FaucetPay Bitcoin

Bitcoincuba Faucets

$0.0005 worth of coins every 5 mins

Reminder: Premium faucets provides more rewards without shortlinks. At least $0.0005 and their withdrawal limits are low too. So, they should be your first priority.

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FreeLTC online $0.0018 LTC every 1 min

Extra Crypto $0.002 Solana every 1 min

Dj faucet $0.0018 Solana every 1 min

Liteearn $0.0015+ LTC every 1 min

Note: Most of the premium faucet pays above $0.001 on shortlinks. They are more preferrable than these faucets. @ 2021-2022